We are in need of 2 manual testers, who will do manual testing, also monkey testing for App4mation’s application suites (primarily, and then other application). The hiring manual testers’ job is very simple. Just run through the prepared test script (will be available), test and report.

Position requirements:

  • Very basic understanding about application and usages of tools (Office, Communication tools),
  • Know basic terms in IT. (-> be able to report issue)
  • Understand and like to work in manual testing.
  • Have good communication skills
  • Plus points:
    • Have experience in manual test or automated/system/integration test
    • Know testing framework.
    • Know testing concept.
    • Have basic programming skills, simple javascript

FYI, In the Netherlands office, the Q&A Stream are putting effort to prepare a skeleton (to more comprehensive) test scripts (using PractiTest).