Hey stranger!

Looking for a job? Great! Cause we just might have the perfect position for you.

At Tjek, we are in the middle of a big rebranding process, where we are building a brand new product with a whole new visual identity. This all needs to be implemented into both iOS, Android and Web, and that’s where you come in.

We are looking for the person who wants to be a part of this exciting journey. A digital designer, who wants to help create the best possible universe for Tjek alongside a super awesome team consisting of 35 people who are all driven by the same desire: To help make people’s everyday even better. More specifically we’re on a mission to help you, and all other people get the products you actually need.

You probably have a lot of really cool skills that would be perfect for this organization, but there are some things we really hope that you can bring to the table here at Tjek. 

You will definitely shine if...

  • you know how to create beautiful UI for iOS, Android and web apps
  • you have a strong eye for visual design and you love working with graphic design and layout on various digital media
  • you enjoy being a part of a team where you have a large say in every step of the process, and you can bring exciting ideas to the table which can help push the design process forward
  • you are not afraid to speak your mind and challenge the status quo
  • you are full of creative ideas, but you can also look at the design process in a strategic and structured way
  • you have experience in user testing? Awesome! Please tell us more 🤩
  • … oh, and you have also worked with graphic design and illustration before? Even better. Things are looking pretty good, if you ask us.

Tjek is an organization...

  • that helps more than +500k people every week and more than 1 million people every month get the products they need to fulfill their everyday needs
  • that has a flat hierarchy without a bunch of rigid processes, meetings and bureaucracy and where you can talk directly to the co-founders
  • that is a scale-up where you can make a lot of big decisions on your own
  • that prioritizes both your mental and physical health 

Our story 

The idea behind Tjek started in 2009 under the name eTilbudsavis in Denmark. During the last 10 years, Tjek has expanded and now operates in more than 5 countries around Europe under the brands eTilbudsavis, Mattilbud and ShopGun. Feel free to snoop around the different apps to get a feel of what it is we do, and what it is you will become a part of making even better. 

Are you still intrigued? Please send us: 

  • A cover letter that introduces yourself and, most importantly, tells us why you're interested
  • Your resume and portfolio, including examples of your previous work
  • Got questions? Feel free to reach out to our People & Culture Person, Fie Jørgensen, at +45 40161753