The Tribe

"Prozis is a powerhouse product developing company. Every day we make new products. That is only possible because we developed our own proprietary technology that ensures that we bring you high quality, beautiful and fair priced products. We endure in our philosophy of a 4.0 vertical process, manufacturing in our own facilities or with the help of our super partners. We do everything: idea, concept, design, manufacturing, quality control, marketing, sales, logistics, printing, distribution, client support, software development, photo, video, 3D and philosophy. We deliver wherever you are, whenever you want. We don’t compromise. We breathe technology, drink design and feed on our will to exceed ourselves making the best products in the world. This all starts in 2007 with a crazy guy in a garage that thinks he can change the world for the better. Right now, we are hundreds, going to thousands of crazy but focused people. Will is a skill. There is a lot of people that want to buy us out. We don’t have a F****** price tag. It’s not about the money. It’s about our mission. Trust us. We will feed your body and mind with everything you need to exceed yourself."

- miguel milhão

The Team 

In a team with different traits and personalities, we all have the same in common: we’re good at playing THE GAME. We enjoy unlocking new levels so we can play a little more. What makes our hearts beat faster is responding effectively to new challenges. We fight and we overcome obstacles together… but there are also parts of the race where some banana peels appear unexpectedly – we try to keep those under control ;)

We are all different, which makes the racing team stronger. Do you think you have what it takes to make us go faster?

The Role

This role "touches" many of the human resources operational areas. You'll have different tasks and activities during the month, most of them administrative. Absences, holidays, payroll, job contracts management, employee documents, employee transportation, social security reports, labor accidents, training documents, you name it!


As a HR Operations Technician, you’ll be starting a “New Game” on The Sims Careers. Sort of. You’ve already selected your career path and you easily fill the performance bar at level 10 whenever HR Operations and Administrative Support areas take place. You know Payroll is one of the things that makes your Sims’ diamond sparkle intense green. You’re regularly concerned with your Sims’ Healthy and Safety issues even when they go crazy bananas and all you think about is locking them in an empty room and remove the door. Just kidding, that’s not allowed. You’ll be also managing your Sims transportation and Training plan to make sure their aspirations meet their reality somehow. Oh, and you should know motherlode doesn’t work here, sorry!

For you to be happily playing this game you have already reached a high level on some skills:

  • analysis capabilities
  • detail-oriented work
  • information monitoring
  • empathy;
  • technical credibility

You should be always open to people's differences (you know every Sim is unique and there’s a lot of traits out there!). You’re good with numbers and a fast-paced environment is a normal thing for you (besides the fast forward settings during gameplay).