Medical, Dental, Vision, Retirement 

We are looking for an experienced, highly motivated Software Developer, who is passionate about technology, to become an integral part of our team! 

We work with the latest technologies, microservices, event sourcing, serverless functions, PWAs, SPAs, mobile (native and hybrid), Kubernetes / Docker, AWS / Azure / HCIs, cloud services, and more. 

You will be a member of an amazing team of sharp software engineers who are constantly looking to improve. 

You will work on the full-stack during the entire development cycle using Agile methodologies, including design, architecture, prototyping, coding, automated testing, deployment, integration, and documentation. 


  • Design, architect, and build applications 
  • Participate in technical design, code, and security reviews  
  • Manage and lead projects, plan sprints, and produce demos  
  • Effectively work on more than one project concurrently  
  • Create and maintain technical and user documentation 
  • Interface with clients, gather requirements, and resolve issues 
  • Mentor and share knowledge and experience with team members 


  • B.S. in Computer Science or a related field, or equivalent work experience is required 
  • 5+ years of progressive experience in analysis, design, development, and deployment of enterprise and cloud-based systems 
  • Excellent English, fluent both verbal and written  
  • Expert experience in JavaScript/TypescriptHTML5/CSS3.NET Core/C# 
  • Expert experience using OOP approaches, SOLID principles, and patterns and practices 
  • Strong experience in at least 2 other languages 
  • Strong experience in a variety of JavaScript frameworks including at least one templating framework (React, Handlebars...) and at least one SPA framework (Angular, Aurelia...)  
  • Strong experience in database design, concepts, and performance (SQL, NoSQL, other) 
  • Strong experience creating services within SOA-based or microservice architectures  
  • Strong experience implementing application security (front & back end) 
  • Strong experience using Agile variants such as SCRUM and Kanban 
  • Strong experience using Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Azure DevOps or TFS, GIT, Kubernetes and Docker, Windows, Linux, Azure, and AWS 
  • Strong communication skills: able to discuss concepts at both a highly technical leval and layman’s level, both verbal and written 
  • Must be energetic, motivated, constantly learningpassionate about quality software development, and have a positive attitude 

Ideal Candidate Characteristics 

  • Listener: As a developer you have a passion for creating software for the person who will ultimately be using the product you build. You make the customer priorities and their business your own. 
  • Communicator:  You focus on clarifying your thoughts and work with your team and your customer and make sure everyone is on the same page.  
  • Innovator: Exploring new technology excites you and you are genuinely motivated to learn and grow as an engineer. You are willing to read and train on your own as well as on the job to continue to develop your skills. 
  • Collaborator: You are a consummate team player, meeting deadlines, achieving results and creating the best product is what matters most to you, not who gets the credit. 
  • Vulnerable: You learn from failure are open to critique and can provide constructive criticism to your teammates without taking it personally or getting flustered.  

About Baytech Consulting 

Our business is split between building custom software for clients and building our own new software platform for the financial industry. This provides us with a variety of technologies and industries to work on the client side. It also affords us the luxury of building groundbreaking architectures and testing out (and using) innovative technologies on the platform side. No one is ever bored!  

We have a fun, fast-paced environment. You will participate in developing large-scale enterprise applications from top to bottom (full stack). Our goal is to give you all the support and resources needed to work effectively and efficiently. Our management approach is flexible, the team is constantly sharing and learning from each other, and we openly discuss competing ideas. Our goal is to write quality software over quantity and to create an environment for our engineers in which they can do so while keeping a healthy work-life balance.