We're looking for a freelancer to help us develop an entirely new Android app using Kotlin. Likely for 4 - 6 weeks at first. Experience with audio and video encoding, and network protocols is important.

Find out more about Reincubate at reincubate.com/about. This role is remote; we're open to anyone anywhere, so long as they fit the criteria below.

We're looking for someone with:

  • A love of robust code, and a great eye for what makes an excellent Android app
  • Excellence in Kotlin
  • Solid experience with audio and video encoding on Android
  • Used to being organised with a great stack: git, CI tools, etc.

You'll enjoy working with us if you fit the core values that guide our behaviour and decision-making:

  1. Good-hearted. It's important to do the right thing. We aim to be helpful, humble, and authentic. Trust and integrity matter.
  2. Lean. We use resourcefulness, common sense and order to reduce complexity and waste.
  3. Exceptional. We’re committed to being the best in the world with our products. Being the best is disproportionately fruitful.
  4. Energising. We're pioneers in our industry. We aim to inspire and motivate our customers, colleagues, and peers.
  5. Tenacious. It takes grit and determination to do hard stuff well. We're committed to our mission.

Please apply by sending a DM to our CEO at @afit with a link or two for projects you've built, and your GitHub or LinkedIn. If you've built your own indie apps, all the better. We'd love to see them! Please, no agencies.